Hip-hop promotes versatility of Spam in Japan

Profero Japan

Digital agency Lowe Profero has created a hip-hop music video to promote the versatility of Spam, the famous packaged meat brand owned by Hormel Foods.

The video, starring local star DJ Misoshiru & MC Gohan, is the result of Hormel asking fans to come up with ideas for Spam recipes that would feature in the film.

Three thousand interpretations of 20 recipe ideas were submitted by fans, including the Spam Tropical Night Sandwich and the Spam Tasty Explosion Cake.

Other iterations of Spam food combinations include a Spam Bento Box of eel, kimchi and cheese, and the "Outrageous Spam burger," which in the film was introduced by dancing women dressed as 1960s housewives. Ideas for all of the Spam recipes featured in the video are available for download on the campaign website.

The Oishi-song - the brand's first music video in any market - is to run until the end of the summer, when Spam will choose winners from a quiz on its campaign page.


Client: Hormel Foods Japan
Product Manager, SPAM®: Jaynee Sherman
Agency: Lowe Profero Tokyo
Executive Creative Director: Ryan Skelton
Account Executive: Chris Andrews
Executive Producer: Sunggong Won
Copywriter: Minako Ota
Lyrics, Composition, Performance: DJ Misoshiru & MC Gohan
Artist Management: Sony Music Artists, Inc.
Record Label: Ki/oon Music / Sony Music Labels In